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angel haven rey

voice actor


heyllo! i'm a queer filipino-american voice actor — a little goofy, a little silly, but always ready to record! i've always thought that that anything related to entertainment production was absolutely captivating and was something i knew i had to break into!

being the firstborn to two first-generation immigrant parents, there was and still is a lot of pressure for me to always be the greatest version of me. in high school i threw every extracurricular under the sun on my plate: college classes, student government, internships, culinary competitions, tutoring, odd jobs, sport team management; you name it, i've probably done it!

i just think it's a little funny i ended up spending most of my time in a little studio box yelling into a mic. and i absolutely LOVE it (and my parents do too)!! also i seldom take pictures of myself. sorry i don't have a proper headshot!!!




when i was a wee kiddo, i was wary of putting my real name on the internet. good on you, baby me! i wanted to give myself an online alias to engage with communities of things i liked; i thought these letters together looked and sounded really pretty funny cool together, nothing more to it!

i was absolutely entranced by the vocaloid community. the possibilities of what could be created with the love of some voice synthesizers is still insane to me, and i wanted oh so badly to express myself and have something to show for it, so i sang along. i recorded myself singing, posted it, repeated it, and it just felt right!

using this alias i've gained lots of friends and have been a part of so many cool projects, it's just grown on me so much that i continue to use it to this day as my youtube creator name and for music releases! besides, i've already made it my username on basically everything, and i'm too lazy to change it.


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