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Heya! I'm shiena, a pansexual Filipino-American freelance voice actor and vocalist remotely based in New York, recently moved from a small military base in South Korea! Focusing on character voice acting work, I've voiced in a bunch of projects from games and visual novels to animations to fandubs to audio dramas to educational content! Also a part of the online singing community, I've continuously collaborated and worked as a team with many cool people to produce music we love!

As a studious college student by day, yelling into a mic by night is honestly the only thing that keeps me sane! It makes me extremely happy to be able to help people bring their projects to life, and with over 3 years of experience in the voice over field (+more in the online singing scene), I do my best to make sure you get quality content as quick as I can, and it'll be a pleasure working with you!

Persona art by the wonderful @catversary,

and header art by @inkcurry!


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Reels in video form!
visual demo reel ★ shishishiena
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"Shiena took my script and made it a masterpiece. The way she conveyed her emotions made my character feel so vivid and real. It legitimately sent chills down my spine! The quality of the recording was impeccable, too. Her work is absolutely top-notch, so please don't hesitate to come to her if you need a voice actor! I'll definitely be a returning customer~ ♡"

— moechezzy, United States



Due to a big ole' mix of situations and complications in my personal life, I've had to take a bit of a hiatus with all my work. At this point in time, I'm excited, ready, and revving to get back into the action! On top of voice over commissions, I've also added other vocal and video services to the list and am looking forward to the cool stuff we can make together! 

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